On this page, you will find a list of NPM packages that I have created and maintained. I never use external NPM packages myself, so I try to keep my own packages at least dependency-free. The source code of the packages can be found on GitHub.

If you have encountered bugs, have feedback, or would like to request new functionality, please let me know.

  • Dittytoy

    1.0.7 • MIT • packagerepository

    Compile and play code (ditties) from Dittytoy.net, an online platform that allows you to create generative music using a minimalistic javascript API. Zero dependencies.

  • @mediamonks/fast-image-sequence

    1.0.2 • MIT • packagerepository

    The fast-image-sequence-renderer is a powerful package that allows you to display a sequence of images at a high frame rate on your website. Zero dependencies.

  • @mediamonks/image-effect-renderer

    2.4.0 • MIT • packagerepository

    The image-effect-renderer is a lightweight package that allows you to run WebGL fragment shaders in your website using WebGL. It can be used to apply effects to HTML images or video sources. Zero dependencies.

  • @mediamonks/panorama-renderer

    2.1.1 • MIT • packagerepository

    The panorama-renderer is a lightweight package that allows you to render equirectangular panoramas using WebGL.