After creating Turtletoy, it was easy to create a second toy website: Oneshader. OneShader is an online tool for creating and sharing WebGL fragment shaders. You don’t have access to 3D models, textures, buffers, or any other (external) resources, so it’s just one fragment shader and your imagination. By offering a very restrictive environment, I hope to stimulate creativity.

Turtletoy and Oneshader share most of their code, so improvements to Turtletoy are also readily available for Oneshader and vice versa.

Can I expect extra features?

The shaders on OneShader are just one single fragment shader: the use of 3D models, textures, buffers, or any other (external) resources is not possible.

These limitations will remain. So do not expect new features and functionality to be added in this area.

However, you may expect that I will continuously try to improve the user experience of this site. In addition, I will continue to add functionality that makes it easier to write, manage, share, or export your shaders.

Why not use Shadertoy?

In most cases, it is better to use Shadertoy. Not only is the functionality of Shadertoy many times greater than what OneShader can offer, but, more importantly, the knowledge of the Shadertoy community is unequaled.

However, if you want a fast and lightweight environment to publish a single fragment shader, OneShader may be the right tool. Adjustable uniforms may be an interesting feature, and I hope that all the artificial restrictions of OneShader will stimulate your creativity.

More Creative Coding Websites

Dittytoy is not my first hobby project :) Previously, I also made these creative coding playgrounds:

  • Dittytoy (blog post)
    Dittytoy allows you to create generative music using a minimalistic javascript API.
    The API syntax is loosely based on the syntax of Sonic Pi. You can find the full Dittytoy API Reference here.
    If you don’t like reading documentation and want to see sample code, then these ditties give a good overview of the capabilities of Dittytoy.
  • Turtletoy (blog post)
    Turtletoy allows you to create generative art using a minimalistic javascript Turtle graphics API. You can only create black-and-white line drawings on a square canvas. By offering a very restrictive environment, we not only hope to stimulate creativity, we also make sure that the turtles can (at least theoretically) be plotted using a simple plotter.

Most loved shaders

Do you want to hear more? These are Oneshader’s most loved shaders.

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