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This shader uses Image Based Lighting (IBL) to render an old watch. The materials of the objects have physically-based properties.

A material is defined by its albedo and roughness value and it can be a metal or a non-metal.

I have used the IBL technique as explained in the article 'Real Shading in Unreal Engine 4' by Brian Karis of Epic Games.[1] According to this article, the lighting of a material is the sum of two components:

  1. Diffuse: a look-up (using the normal vector) in a pre-computed environment map.
  2. Specular: a look-up (based on the reflection vector and the roughness of the material) in a pre-computed environment map, combined with a look-up in a pre-calculated BRDF integration map (Buf B).

Note that I do NOT (pre)compute the environment maps needed in this shader. Instead, I use (the lod levels of) a Shadertoy cubemap that I have remapped using a random function to get something HDR-ish. This is not correct and not how it is described in the article, but I think that for this scene the result is good enough.

I made a shader that renders this same scene using a simple path tracer. You can compare the result here:

Source code

You can find (the full source of) Old watch (IBL) on Shadertoy.