This is the first year that I have participated in the Global GameJam 2019. I created the game “Reinder wants to go home, early” in 4.8 hours.

Participating in the Global GameJam 2019 (GGJ) was a really last-minute decision. Having the weekend already fully booked, I could only join on Friday evening and ended up doing a mini 4.8-hour solo jam.

Build a home together.

You can play the game in your browser here: 

The theme of the GJJ 2019 was “home.” I created a cooperative, physics-based game for two players sharing one keyboard. In the game, you have one minute to attach the triangle (roof) on top of the square inside the green circle and build a home together.

Player 1 uses the a,s,d-keys to move the triangle, and the square is moved by player 2 using the j,k,l-keys. Both shapes float in a gravityless and frictionless Pac-man/donut-like space. If you move (or better: accelerate) your shape, it will emit particles in the opposite direction. The particles keep flying around and will eventually collide with one of your shapes, affecting the trajectory of the shapes, thus making it harder to do the subtle maneuvering needed to build your home.

The game is made using HTML/CSS and javascript, using matter.js by @liabru. Please don’t look at the source code. I only had 4.8 hours ;-).


Today (10/10/2019), I made a version of the game where you have to use your mobile phone to control the game. This version is really a proof-of-concept to get some experience with WebRTC. The game is not fully tested, and error handling or lost connections are not correctly implemented.

You can play the game (on desktop) here:

Each player has to scan the QRcode with their mobile phone to start their client control. WebRTC support is implemented using PeerJS.

You can find the full source code of my submission on GitHub:

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