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I wanted to create a reference shader similar to "Raymarching - Primitives" (, but with ray-primitive intersection routines instead of sdf routines.

As usual, I ended up mostly just copy-pasting code from Íñigo Quílez:

Please let me know if there are other routines that I should add to this shader.

You can find all intersection routines in the Common tab. The routines have a similar signature: a routine returns the distance to the first hit inside the [distBound.x, distBound.y] interval and will set the normal if an intersection is found. If no intersection is found, the routine will return MAX_DIST.

I made a simple ray tracer (Buffer A) to visualize a scene with all primitives.

Use your mouse to change the camera viewpoint.

Source code

You can find (the full source of) Ray Tracing - Primitives on Shadertoy.