I have just released Wreckdoll, a (not so nice) game for iOS. Wreckdoll is a rag doll physics game that will make you wonder how much pain you can inflict in only one minute. Sometimes the most addictive games are the simplest. You’re not worried about completing levels or unlocking content. All you’re focused on is that one minute.


How to build a game?

I made Wreckdoll in just two days. With the development of Niño, I got some experience in using the open source (cross platform) framework Cocos2d-x (version 3.0). Therefore I used, almost automatically, this framework also for the development of Wreckdoll. Using a 2d framework for a 3d game is not the most obvious choice, and indeed, I ended writing all the 3d-stuff needed from scratch :).

For the ragdoll physics simulation I have used the Bullet Physics Library. Because the library is written in C++, it was very easy to compile the library for iOS. This was the first time I used a physics library (and not writing an engine myself) and I am amazed how easy it was to incorporate Bullet Physics in my code, and how stable the physics simulation works.


Please download Wreckdoll from the App store and let me know what you think of it.


There is a nice review of Wreckdoll on the internet:

Bring The Pain And Throw It Around In Wreckdoll

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