I wrote another WebGL fragment shader on shadertoy. This shader renders a seamless space-to-surface flight in the browser using only two triangles. No textures or 3d-models are used.

The procedural planet shown is rendered with only two triangles (a fullscreen squad) and one stateless WebGL fragment shader. So no 3d-models, textures or any other external sources are used. Everything you see is procedurally generated for each pixel per frame.

Planet Shadertoy.

Because the WebGL fragment shader is really heavy, some browsers will crash by running the shader. Therefore I captured the output of the shader in the movie embedded above. You can find the realtime version, with code/maths open for you to explore, here: https://www.shadertoy.com/view/4tjGRh.

I created the shader by using code of a lot of existing shaders on Shadertoy. That’s why I called this shader ‘Planet Shadertoy’. Code is used from the following shaders:

Wet stone by TDM
Atmospheric Scattering by GLtracy
Seascape by TDM
Elevated and Terrain Tubes by IQ
LLamels by Eiffie
Lens flare by Musk



Full source code

You can find (the full source of) the fragment shader on shadertoy: https://www.shadertoy.com/view/4tjGRh.

Rendering a planet with two triangles